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Rambo's First Birthday Extravaganza

Updated: May 19, 2021

I probably went a little overboard for my sweet boys first birthday. I cooked for THREE days. Yes, you read that right.

Three. Whole. Days.

I made enough food to feed an army: an egg bake, bacon (3lbs), pancakes with blueberry compote, a summer salad, brussels sprouts, potatoes, cupcakes and more! And for Rambo's fur friends, I made special pupcakes and goodie bags filled with treats and a tennis ball.

And I wasn't the only one being extra. People actually brought gifts for Rambo. Which he loved. I'm pretty sure I even have a few squeak toys still hidden away.

Call me crazy, but it's like he knew the day was about him. My typically shy and timid baby greeted everyone. For a pup who isn't keen on strangers petting him, this was huge! As a bonus, he even listened to commands with all the distractions. 11/10 good boy.

Rambo enjoying his birthday party.

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